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  • MetroHealth Medical Center
Notice of New Fees and Directions
Effective September 1, 2012, The MetroHealth System will be changing the way it handles its medical billing records. We will continue to abide by Ohio Revised Code ยง3701.741. Please be advised of the following changes...
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Welcome to the The MetroHealth System Itemized Billing Website

In order to better serve you, The MetroHealth System has outsourced the provision of medical bills to attorneys, auto-insurers, and non-contracted payors. This new system has been put in place so that we can rapidly facilitate your needs. In the future, due to a more efficient system, you should notice a decrease in time that it takes to obtain your records.

  1. If patients need a copy of the bill (not an insurance form), they should call customer service at 216-957-3250.

  2. If patients need a balance or pay off amount, they should call 216-957-3250.

  3. Attorneys see the FAQ regarding balance checks or settlement requests.

  4. If you need detailed Medical Records such as physician orders notes etc. please call 216-778-4252.

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